How are links used to provide comments on a video?

In the Comment mode of VideoLinkwell you can add links to a VideoLinkwell project. Each version of the project has its own links. A link is made to a single time point in a video.

If you want to make comments about a section of the video such as a sentence, a phrase or even a word or sign you can select a portion of the video and then create a link.

Once you have created your link you can add your feedback. There are different ways to add feedback.

Label – this is a one line text field where you could enter a short label for the comment.

Comment – this is a multi line text field where you can enter longer comments

Video – you can record a video comment

Tags – you can enter short tags to help categorize your comments.*

(*this feature is coming soon.)

For Example…

An interpreter trainer can use links to provide feedback at various time points in the student’s work in the Comment mode. The trainer can select portions of the video, create a link and then provide comments in text or video. This allows instructors to provide comments in English or a Signed Language.

When the Instructor is done reviewing the student’s work the student can then click on the links to read the instructor’s comments or watch the video of the instructor.