What is VideoLinkwell?

The goal of VideoLinkwell, a cloud supported Mac OS X application, is to streamline the process of evaluating an interpreter’s performance whether it is for training, mentoring or accreditation.

It can be used for all stages of the assessment workflow:

  • recording a video of the student’s or interpreter’s performance in a VideoLinkwell project
    • interpreting a live presentation, interactive meeting or a role play
    • interpreting a source video into a signed or spoken language
    • telling a story or relaying a narrative in a signed or spoken language
  • sharing the project with a mentor or trainer for assessment and feedback
  • giving feedback by annotating sections of video with text or video comments and other data
  • synchronizing the annotation data with the cloud and other users the project is shared with
  • reviewing the feedback by the student or interpreter
  • responding to feedback by adding further text or video comments
  • recording a new version of the work incorporating the feedback.

The streamlined workflow reduces the time needed to capture the learner’s work and provide feedback on it allowing you to give higher quality feedback quicker.

Feedback is directly linked to the sections of the video making it easier to see the connection between the feedback and the skill in question.

The source and target videos are displayed simultaneously and synchronized so you can see the source message and the interpretation side by side or as a picture in picture.




Record a live presentation, role play or a consecutive or simultaneous interpretation of a source video.


Upload a VideoLinkwell project to the cloud and share it for assessment, feedback and review.


Give feedback on specific sections of the video by annotating with text, video comments and other data.


Work one on one or in teams to evaluate performance and provide feedback for later review.