Frequently asked questions

How do i cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by logging in and clicking on the My Account tab. Your subscription will remain active until the end of the term and will not auto renew.

What are the System Requirements?

VideoLinkwell is a Mac OS X application and will work with Mac OS X 10.7 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.9 Marvericks and Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

An internet connection is required to use Videolinkwell.

For video capture the internal FaceTime Camera can be used. Compatible External FireWire cameras or USB cameras may also be used.

Where is my video stored?

It's your video so it is captured first to your Mac. If you want to share it with another user you upload it to our server. When you share it with another user they download it on to their Mac to provide feedback.

How many projects can I have?

First on your own Mac the number of projects is limited only by the amount of hard disk space you have. On the cloud the number of projects you can store their concurrently have depends on the package you purchased. With a Standard package you can have 6 projects in the cloud at a time. When you are done sharing a project for assessment you can remove it from the cloud freeing up the space for another project. There is a limit on the number of GB you can have stored in the cloud and download. See Pricing page for more information.

How much storage space and downloads am I allowed for cloud projects?

You get 1 GB of storage space for each project in your package, so with the Standard package of 6 projects you would get 6 GB of video. There is also a limit on the amount of downloads of the project by you or people you shared your projects with. The limit is 4 GB of downloads times the number of projects included your package so with the standard package you would get 24 GB of downloads. See the pricing page for more details.

What is a VideoLinkwell Location?

A location is a folder where your VideoLinkwell projects are saved on your Mac. You can have as many locations as you want. When you first open VideoLinkwell on your Mac a new folder is created in your Movies folder called "VideoLinkwell". You can create new locations on your internal hard drive, an external drive or on a shared drive. This allows you to organize your projects.

What is a VideoLinkwell Project?

A VideoLinkwell project is a collection of videos that are associated with each other in a couple of ways.  First a project can have up to 26 version videos named A to Z.  Then each version video can have link videos associated with various time points (links) in the video. A project also contains all of the other annotation data for the links of the version videos. Projects can be shared with other VideoLinkwell users.

What is a VideoLinkwell Version?

A version is a main video and its annotations contained in its associated links.  A version is identified by its letter A - Z and can also be given a name.

How long can the video be in a VideoLinkwell project?

There is no limit on the length of a video in a VideoLinkwell project.  However when you upload a project to the cloud there is a limit on the total gigabytes of storage space.  If you are only saving the project locally on your Mac the only limit is the amount of storage on your hard drive.

What is a VideoLinkwell Link?

A link is the way you annotate a video.  A link is associated with a specific time in a version video. A link can then have a number of different types of data:

  • video selection - a time range in a version video. This allows you to easily replay a snippet of video
  • label - a one line of text to label the link.  This gives you a quick view of what the link is for as a pop up label
  • link video - this is a separate video that you record to annotate the version video
  • comment - this is a multi line text field.  This is for annotating the video with text
  • colour - this is the color of a link. This is a way you can categorize the links
  • action - an action that occurs when the movie reaches the link's time point in the video.  You can enable actions stop the version video and play the version video.

How does VideoLinkwell use the ‘cloud’?

When you share a project you first upload it to the VideoLinkwell server your account uses.  Then you can share that uploaded project with other users.

Who can I share a VideoLinkwell project with?

You can share a project with anyone who is a member of the same VideoLinkwell site that you are a member of.

What is a VideoLinkwell site?

The main site is Anyone can sign up for a free trial membership and then buy a subscription. Members there can share projects with other members.  This is intended for individual users and small businesses

Organizations, education programs, agencies or businesses can buy a site license which gives them a sub-domain of  For example  Then members on that site can only share projects with other members of the same site.  This is intended for larger institutions, organizations or businesses.

Is there an abbreviation for VideoLinkwell?

Yes, we use VLW.

Where are my VideoLinkwell projects saved on my Mac?

When you first use VideoLinkwell a folder is created in your Movies folder called 'VideoLinkwell'. This is the default location for saving projects.  You can however store projects in other folders on your hard drive, or on external drives, on USB drives or on shared drives on your network.

You can create a new location by clicking the plus ‘+’  icon at the top right of the locations pane.


Record a live presentation, role play or a consecutive or simultaneous interpretation of a source video.


Upload a VideoLinkwell project to the cloud and share it for assessment, feedback and review.


Give feedback on specific sections of the video by annotating with text, video comments and other data.


Work one on one or in teams to evaluate performance and provide feedback for later review.