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Creating a new version with a new target movie

A project can have more than one Version. You can capture a new version which records a new movie for it. A new version with a new movie could be used for students to record a new draft of their project after reviewing the feedback from the first version.

New version

With the project open in Browse mode:

1. Click on the New Version button.
2. Select Capture New Version from the pop up menu.

Project open in Record mode

The project is opened in record mode ready to record a new version.

3. notice that there is a new version letter.

4. Click the record button to start recording.

If your project does not have a source movie
See the section Create a New Project: record a target movie (no source movie) for more information on how to record.

If your project has a source movie:
See the section Record with source movie controls for more information on how to record

See the section Opening a new version in Browse mode to see how to open a different version of a project