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Creating a duplicate version

You can create a duplicate version which keeps the same target movie. This version will have its own set of links. When duplicating a version you have an option to keep the links from the previous version or not. A new duplicate version could be used to have feedback from another instructor or mentor added to the project.

Duplicate version

To add a new duplicate version

1. click the New Version button.

2. Select Duplicate version from the pop up menu.

Copy links option

A dialog will appear asking if you want to copy the links to the new version.

3. Select Yes or No. (Selecting cancel will cancel the creation of the new version)

In this case I will select No so I can add a new set of links.

Open new version

The new version of this project is opened in Browse mode ready to have new links added.

4. Note that there is a new version letter 'C'.

5. Note that there are no links in the link bar as I selected 'No' in the previous dialog.

See the section Opening a new version in Browse mode to see how to open a different version of a project