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Create a New Project: record a target movie (no source movie)

If you want to record someone signing a narrative or if you want to record a live interaction with both a signed language and a spoken language you record the video without a source movie.

Open the Project Manager

You have to be in the Project Manager to create a new project. When VideoLinkwell first opens it is in the Project manager. If you are in the Project Browse mode click the 'Back' button to return to the Project Manager.

Create a New project

To create a new project.

1. Click the plus '+' button above the Projects list.

2. Enter the Project Name

3. Click on the Record new movie radio button.

4. (optional) Check the Open Project checkbox.
- if this is checked the project will open in Record mode immediately for recording.
- if this is not checked the project will not be opened, but when you open it in the future it will open it in Record mode to record the project.

5. Click the OK button.

Record Mode: Project with no source movie

This will open the project in Record Mode.

The main component in Record mode for movies with no source is the Video Capture window with a Start Recording/Stop Recording toggle button (6).

The Video Capture window will be open and previewing your video. For more information on configuring Video Capture see Setting up VideoLinkwell Recording

6. To start recording click the Start Recording button.

7. (Optional) If you want to cancel the creation of the project click the Cancel button

8. To stop recording click the Stop recording button.

9. Once you have finished recording click the Back button to open the project in Browse mode.

Canceling a new project (optional)

If in step 7 you click the Cancel button you will get a dialog asking if you want to delete the project

If you click No the recording will be cancelled but the new project will not be deleted. You will return to the project manager. The new project can be opened at a later time to add the recording.

If you click Yes the recording will be cancelled and the new project will be deleted. You will then return to the project manger.

If you click Cancel you can continue recording the project.