What is a VideoLinkwell Link?

A link is the way you annotate a video.  A link is associated with a specific time in a version video. A link can then have a number of different types of data:

  • video selection - a time range in a version video. This allows you to easily replay a snippet of video
  • label - a one line of text to label the link.  This gives you a quick view of what the link is for as a pop up label
  • link video - this is a separate video that you record to annotate the version video
  • comment - this is a multi line text field.  This is for annotating the video with text
  • colour - this is the color of a link. This is a way you can categorize the links
  • action - an action that occurs when the movie reaches the link's time point in the video.  You can enable actions stop the version video and play the version video.