A Mac OS X video capture and annotation app used by

  • Interpreters & Interpreter Trainers
  • Mentors & Coaches
  • Counsellors
  • Teachers

to streamline the assessment process.

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Record a live presentation, role play or a consecutive or simultaneous interpretation of a source video.


Upload a VideoLinkwell project to the cloud and share it for assessment, feedback and review.


Give feedback on specific sections of the video by annotating with text, video comments and other data.


Work one on one or in teams to evaluate performance and provide feedback for later review.

videolinkwell-full-color-screenWhat is VideoLinkwell?

VideoLinkwell is a Mac OS X application intended to streamline the process of recording and giving feedback on a learner's performance of a task or a skill. You can use it for all stages of the assessment workflow.

  • the learner's can record their performance.
  • they can share the video with a mentor, coach, trainer or peer for assessment and feedback
  • feedback is given by annotating sections of video with text and video comments.
  • the learner can review the feedback and add further text and video comments of their own
  • the learner can record further attempts of the performance incorporating the feedback.

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