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Open VideoLinkwell Capture Window

To use VideoLinkwell to record videos in your project you need to open the recording window first by following the steps in this section.

(NOTE: Before you do this ensure there are no other applications capturing video from your video source such as QuickTime Player, QuickTime Player 7, iMovie, Skype or any other application with a video capture function. )

VideoLinkwell Video Recording controls

1. These are the controls for recording video.

The recording controls consist of:

2. the recording indicator
- This will be green when the Capture window is open
- This will be red when VideoLinkwell is recording a video;

3. the Show capture window button.
The capture window will be hidden when you are working on VideoLinkwell. If you want to see the Capture window you click this button to show the capture window. This can be done when previewing or recording.

Turn Video Capture on

1. To turn video capture on click on the recording indicator or the lens icon.

Video Capture is automatically turned on when you open a project in Record Mode.