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Locations list

The Locations section of the Project Manager contains the locations where you store your projects locally either on your internal hard drive, on external drives, on shared drives on your LAN or in the VideoLinkwell Cloud.

1. Add Location button
- use this to add a new location to the list. See Add a new location

2. Delete location button
- use this to remove a location from the list. See Remove a location
(This will not move the folder to the trash nor delete any files just remove the reference to that folder from this list.)

3. Location type icon
- The icon will indicate the type of storage for the location.

Default Locations
- - is cloud storage and shows projects in the cloud but not downloaded on your Mac
- Movies/Videolinkwell - is on the Mac's Hard drive in the home directory.

User added Locations
- Movies/Completed Projects - is on the Mac's Hard drive in the home directory.
- KINGSTON/Mentee projects - is an external USB disk drive or thumb drive.
- mentee/Movies/Mentee share - is a network share on the local network.

4. Location Path
- This shows the path to the location.

5. Project counts
- This can show three values
- number of projects you currently have in the cloud (in this case 4).
- the maximum projects you are allowed to store in the cloud (in this case 30 for a Plus Member).
- the number of pending projects that members have shared with you that you have not yet accepted (in this case 1).

6. Cloud storage location -
The first location in the list,, is the cloud storage for the VideoLinkwell server you are logged into. It will list any projects that are in the cloud that you don't have downloaded and saved in one of your local locations. It shows the number of projects you have in the cloud and the total number of projects you are allowed to have in the cloud. This includes projects you create and upload to the cloud, and projects that are shared with you by other VideoLinkwell members. In this case the user has 2 projects in the cloud of the total allowed of 100 projects.

7. Default local location - Movies/VideoLinkwell
This is the default storage location for projects to be downloaded on your computer when you download them from the cloud. This folder is created in the Movies folder of your Home folder "~/Movies/VideoLinkwell" the first time you open Videolinkwell. Do not delete this folder from the Finder.