This sections explains the changes made in updates to VideoLinkwell.

What's new for version 3.2.4


• The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for VideoLinkwell have been updated. You can read them when you log in by clicking the "Agree to the Terms of Service" Link

Updated Features

• Restored recording option for recording Interactive projects where the source video is not added as a picture in picture. This option is called "Interactive". In Browse mode the source video can be viewed beside the target video. The option where the source video is added as a Picture in Picture over the target video is renamed "Interactive PIP"[#118]
See more info in Create a New Project: record a target movie using a source movie

• When a link is selected and the section of video associated with the link is selected and being played any links within that video selection will not be be hilited and their actions such as stop video will not be triggered.[#226]

• When searching for users to share with allow partial name as search term. Also require a minimum of three characters for doing a search.[#230]

Bug fixes

• Fixed issue for projects saved on a shared volume where project folders and files were not being deleted or moved to trash when recording and deleting a version.[#210]

• Fixed issue when switching to DV camera with muxed video and audio set microphone name to camera name.[#211]

• Fixed issue where the capture window would not resize properly when switching cameras of different resolutions, i.e. between the internal FaceTime camera and a DV camera.[#212]

• Prevent manual resizing of the capture window.[#213]

• Turn 'REC' light on indicating recording has started as soon as recording begins so user knows application is recording.[#215]

• Fixed issue where a replace video button would appear on project info window.

• Fixed dialog message shown when removing a video from a link so it correctly shows the user's options "Keep the video but remove it from the link OR permanently delete the video?" [#217]

• Fixed the resizing of the source video when shown in browse mode beside the target video.[#127]

• Fixed an issue where the playback of videos would become jerky after resizing the target and source videos in the browse mode. Made the same change for Record mode to prevent the same issue.[#219]

• Fixed an issue where a project dragged to a location on a different volume in the Locations window of the Project Manager mode would be moved instead of copied.[#220]

• Fixed an issue with Mac Minis which have no built in video where line-in audio input was selected instead of the microphone associated with the attached USB webcam. [#221]

• Fixed an issue where opening, closing and reopening the capture window can cause VideoLinkwell to freeze while recording. [#222]

• Fixed an issue where VideoLinkwell would become unresponsive when opening a project with a source movie that was no longer accessible on the local drive or a network share. [#224]

• Fixed an issue where replaying the video selection associated with a link caused the previous link to be selected. [#225]

• Fixed an issue where links would not be triggered while playing unless a link is already selected. This often caused the first link not to trigger [#189]

• Fixed and issue where DV Cameras connected by FireWIre to a Mac Mini with no built in video would not be initialized properly when opening the capture window.[#227]

Known Issues

• This occurs when a DV-Camera is connected by FireWire and a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 connected by USB to the same Mac. When the camera input is changed from the HD Pro Webcam C920 to the DV-Camera then a recording is done the recording does not start and VideoLinkwell freezes and has to be force quit. To resolve this don't switch between the DV-Camera after you have opened the HD Pro Webcam. If you switch from the internal FaceTime camera to the DV-Camera there is not a problem[#229]

What's new for version 3.2.3

Bug fixes

• fixed issue where user can double click on 'start record/stop record' button when recording a project with a source movie. Clicking stop record too soon interrupted the recording leading to a error when exporting the video. [#208]

• fixed issue where 'back' button and 'create new version' were enabled during the recording process. If these had been clicked on it could interrupt the recording causing an error when exporting the video [#208]

• fixed issue where the version number is not updated when creating a new version of a project with a source movie [#209]

What's new for version 3.2.2

Bug fixes

• Fixed issue where buttons on login dialog would become disabled when user checked ‘Stay Logged in’ on login window. [#205, #206]
• Fixed error when user clicks ‘Upgrade…’ button when they try to upload a project when they are at their project limit [#207]

What's new for version 3.2.1

Bug fixes
• updated URLs for integrating Videolinkwell website, cloud service and application.

What's new for version 3.2.0

New features

Enhanced integration with VideoLinkwell website, cloud service and application
The VideoLinkwell app now enables you to connect to the VideoLinkwell website website so you can view and modify your membership settings, change your password, reset your password and view the manual.
• Login dialog has server field to enter the name of the VideoLinkwell server you are connecting to.
• Help menu will open the VideoLinkwell manual in your web browser
• Account menu will open your account settings page on the Videolinkwell website where you can log in and view and modify your settings.
• A warning dialog with an upgrade button will appear if you go over the maximum cloud projects for your account. Clicking the upgrade button will bring you to your account on the Videolinkwell Website where you can upgrade to a higher membership level.
• the domain where your account is hosted displayed in the first line of the Locations list is based on the domain entered in the login window.

Membership levels
• There are now 4 membership levels, Basic, Standard, Plus and Premium each with 3 terms, monthly, academic, yearly. The VideoLinkwell website has a page with the levels and the pricing for them.

Changed features
• In the Users list the 'cloud only' button has been removed. Projects have to be downloaded to be opened in browse mode or record mode.
• in the Users list the 'read only' button has been removed. The project lock button controls whether a user can modify a project.
• in the Capture tab of the Preferences dialog the Default Recording Path field have been removed since the user selects the recording path by selecting a location in the Locations List.
• AVFoundation capture will be the only method for capture, the option to use the legacy Quicktime based capture has been removed. The videos created are still Quicktime movies using the .H264 codec.

Bug fixes
• Spinner indicating app is busy contacting server is hidden when the connection is canceled or their is a connection error.

What's new for version 3.1.1

New features

• Blank projects can be created so target movie can be recorded later
• add display of used cloud projects, total cloud projects and pending cloud projects to location
• project owners can re-share a project with a shared user, however changes made by owner will overwrite any changes made by user.

Changed features
• Added requirement that project must be downloaded before editing or viewing to improve speed of loading project and to ensure user can record video in project
• Changed to one larger spinner in Project Manager to show application is busy contacting the server


Bug Fixes

• Link video player resizes correctly when opening
• Fixed issue where record button could be double clicked causing problems with recording
• Fixed issue where recording could be stopped by closing the video preview window
• Prevent auto selection of links while recording link video
• Improvements to reliability of syncing of project videos with the cloud
• Improvements to reliability of syncing project data with the cloud
• Fixed bug where application opens at a very small size. Will now open at size user sets in preferences or by resizing window.
• ensure buttons are properly enabled or disabled when working with unlocked or locked projects
• fixed bug where projects shared but not accepted were counted against maximum cloud projects.
• added opportunity to save source movie in new location when project is moved to trash
• fixed check for maximum cloud projects when uploading new project or accepting shared project

What's new for version 3.1

New Features

AVFoundation based capture
VideoLinkwell 3.1 incorporates a new technology for capturing video. This is the Apple technology called AVFoundation that Apple is now using instead of QuickTime in its latest versions of Mac OS X and iOS. Using this new technology is necessary in order for VideoLinkwell to work with the latest Apple hardware.

Read more about how to use the new AVFoundation based capture window in the section Video Capture settings for AVFoundation based capture

You can still use QuickTime based capture on older Macs so there is an option to use that in VideoLinkwell. This however will not be supported if Apple removes the support for QuickTime in future versions of the Mac OS X operating system. While the option to use QuickTime is available It for now it will be better for you to use AVFoundation. If you find problems with AVFoundation based capture please let me know.

Bug Fixes
- syncing playback of target and source movies when viewing project recorded with a source movie has been fixed so the source movie properly syncs when the target movie is played or the current time in the movie is changed.

What's New for version 3.0

What's new for version 3.0
This version has a new project manager that will simplify opening projects and creating new projects. As well as there is a Share feature that will allow you to share projects on line in the cloud. There is also a change to the document format. The new version will be able to open documents created with the previous version and convert them to the new format. Previous versions will not be able to properly open projects created with this version.