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Uploading a project to the cloud

To share a project you first have to upload it to the VideoLinkwell cloud. This section explains how to upload a project to the cloud. The level of your VideoLinkwell account will determine the number of cloud projects you are allowed. Uploading a project takes one of the project slots in your account.

Upload project

In the Project Manager

1. Select the project you want to upload from the projects list.

2. Click the Cloud button which has the Upload icon.

3. In the upload confirmation dialog click Upload to proceed or Cancel to stop the upload.

4. Upload progress is shown in the progress bar.

5. Retry button
-Use this if the upload appears to be stuck. It will try to upload the file that is currently being uploaded again. If you are part way done uploading it will start all over again.

6. Cancel button
-Use this if you want to cancel the upload if uploading appears to be stalled.